Arranca Season 2 of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica starts and our team presents a line-up with 3 drivers. We really go for it

Since orge Ramírez participated at the last round of the first season of the PSCI our team has kept growing: more races, more track days and an important jump into the United States thanks to our partnership with FMS Motorsport at the Porsche Carrera Cup North America. Now it’s time to go back to tracks and now we do it with some news.

Our team presents for the first round of the championship at ESTORIL a promising line-up woth three of the drivers who are now part of our family:

Dani García will be our unique participant at the 991 class and he’ll be also the only one spanish driver at that class, while we appreciate that for this new season the class 992 has grown and including more spanish drivers, where Jorge Ramírez won’t be the unique spanish driver on the entry list.

This is the schedule for the weekend at Estoril:

The wait is over. Races and action are back. STAY TUNED and don’t miss anything, Follow us on our social media and you’ll be updated.

We finally started the 2024 season with our partnership with team FMS Motorsport to keep growing within the Porsche Carrera Cup North America

FMS x RGB s the result of joining forces with our friends at Florida, as a result of our non stop search of new challenges in our road to the highest levels of competition. Our engineers and mechanics crossed the ocean to start the PCCNA season at its first event: Races 1 and 2 at Sebring.

The RGB team needed some time to get used to the est of the American crew, the car and the bumping circuit, new for the team but very well known for its big popularity at the american continent . They all did a great job and despite some race incidents we know that there will be fight at this season on both categories where the team will participate:

These were the final results of each session at Sebring:


This new challenge in the USA has been an amazing start for our just graduated students of the 1st Immersive Program in Motorsport, our intensive specialized training that RGB developed at his statement in Madrid during February. After an Intensive Training where students combined daily theory with long experienced teachers and practice with RGB’s mechanics and engineers at our workshop, working with GT and race cars.

After the intensive month they jumped into the real world of competition, starting with track days where our driver clients test their cars and followed by the first round of the CRT (RACE championship of Tourism cars) at the Jarama Circuit, where our team got the victory on the two races. This jump to the United States is not only a big step for them, but for the whole RGB Team, and this means no doubt a great entrance into the wolrd of competition. They’ll come with us during the season as part of their internship and this will prepare them for a long career at the motorsport. 

The season began officialy for our team on 1st February with the start of our Immersive Program in Motorsport. .

Our Immersive Program in Motorsport has just started on 1 February at our headquarter in Tres Cantos, Madrid. Full house for this first intensive training where they take lessons in the afternoon and go into practice at our workshop during the mornings. That’s a total immersion.

Picture by Jose María Rubio

Some of the teachers have already passed through our classroom. Being with us the students assimilate a racing team’s work while they learn and practice. Our engineers and mechanics are sharing with them all their knowledge to help them to introduce into the world of competition.

ROBERTO GÓMEZ – RGB Team Principal

When this month will come to its end these students will have learnt and practiced what it takes to face the racing season, which will start with the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica the next 15th March with the Warm Up at Portimao before the official start of the races on 13th April at Estoril. Our first class of the Immersive Training Program in Motorsport will have the opportunity of experience and implement what they have learnt in a real competition environment, together with our mechanics, engineers and drivers. Thanks to this experience these young people will find an access to this sport and begin their professional career in motorsport. 

In the following days some professionals of this sport with international experience at the highest competition will visit our statement to teach their lessons to the first class of the RGB Racnig Immersive Program in Motorsport.

And soon we’ll be back on track. STAY TUNED.

JOSÉ SANTOS – F1/LMP1 Vehicle Dynamics


We’ve been working to prepare a unique learning experience with our Immersive Training Program in Motorsport. In less than 2 months we start engines.

Our goal is to equip students with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to excel in the thrilling world of Motorsport. In just 1 Month combined with Practical Experience we aim to transform aspiring engineers and mechanics into industry experts who can compete on an international level.

Unmatched Learning Experience: Our program offers a unique learning experience as international engineers and mechanics, seasoned veterans in Motorsport, will be guiding and teaching our students. With their expertise, we aspire to bring out the best in our students, nurturing their potential to the fullest.

Practical Aproach: All lessons will take place at our state-of-the-art facilities, where students will have the opportunity to work daily with Real Race Cars. This hands-on experience sets us apart and ensures that our students are well-prepared for their future careers.

Where the Training takes place? Spain is a good country in Motorsport, easy to test in winter and good reputated in the international teams. Our RGB Building, situated in Madrid at the heart of Spain, is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from the Madrid-Barajas international airport. It offers easy access to more than 200 destinations worldwide, making it a perfect hub for your Motorsport journey. His accolades include being an Official Porsche Engineer in GT3 and GTE.


The training will be conducted in ENGLISH by instructors with international experience in their respective fields. Our curriculum balances Theorical and Practical lessons, fostering a deep understanding of Motorsport dynamics.

Real World Exposure: To enhance your earning, every student will accompany our team to races, gaining invaluable experience as they progress towards becoming exceptional engineers and mechanics.

Our master’s program commences in February 2024 aiming to have our graduates actively working with our team or other prominent teams during the 2024 season.

Affordable Tuition: Our program’s fee per student is €3.950 for the entire Master, including benefits such as real races experiences. We also offer the option of providing accommodation for students in Spain.

THE TEACHERS: With a long experience on the highest level of competition, each lesson becomes a Masterclass:

This training prepares the students to face de Motorsport highest competition and during the intensive month they’ll be able to combine theorical and practical lessons, with a unique opportunity to ACCESS TO JOB POSITIONS in RGB Races and other partner teams.

Let’s start and ACCELERATE YOUR MOTORSPORT CAREER. Contact us for further information:

The last round of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica season was decisive for the AM class. Positions were open and we fought until the end. We’re proud of Jorge Ramirez third place on the championship on his first competition challenge.

There were a few chances of fighting for the sub championship, dependending on the oponents results and Jorge’s performance on the last two races of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica. Unfortunatly there were some mechanical issues that romeved us of the battle. Anyway it was again a thrilling weekend full of action and at the end we got our goal: third at the AM class on Jorge’s first championship and the first one also for the new PSCI.

During the free practice sessions we saw that Jorge had good rythm and knowing that he reserves his best for the races we began thinking on our real possibilities of being fighting for the AM championship. During the qualifying sessions his rivals were faster and Jorge lost some positions, but it was in part because of the other teams tyres strategies. Analyzing Jorge’s data we saw that he had good race rythm and we were calm before sunday’s races.

Sunday was the RACE DAY with the two last races of the championship. Race 1 started well but we saw Jorge didn’t find rythm to climb positions and he was 4th of the AM class, what for the championship points was really a third position, since another Spanish driver, Pablo Silvero, was’n listed for the championsip and he was just participating for this race. But on the last laps Jorge told his Track Engineer that there was something broken on the gearbox and he lost the fifth gear on the last lap, fighting like the warrior he is to defend his race position. After that hard effort he ended on P7 overall and P4 of the AM class.

Drama came on Race 2 when just at the first lap Jorge had to retire due to his gearbox problems. There wasn’t enough time to fix the issue between the two races and he jumped into the second race hoping that he could end it, but there was no fith gear and the fourth started to fail and the race ended with the car in the box. Not the finish we were thinking on but this is racing and there’s always drama.

Despite these problems a championship is an amount of races where each point counts, and thanks to the team’s work during the season and specially thanks to Jorge’s progression he got his reward by finishing 3rd on the AM Championship, which is a triumph for the team and the driver. This gives us confidence for our next races and challenges and we’re looking forward for the nex track action. When? We’ll see, but for sure we’ll be fighting again next year on the second season of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica.

These were the weekend’s results:

Being the last chronicle of the championship, we’d like to thank all the team, including our driver Chris Hillaby, who couldn’t finish the season but has given us many great moments, including some victories. We’re proud of the team that we have.

It’s been an amazing journey, but everything comes to an end. This weekend we celebrate a wonderful participation at the first season of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica, and we’ll fight for the podium on the last races at Valencia.

The Circuit Ricardo Tormo at Valencia will host the last two races of the PSCI season, this will be the last time to see our driver Jorge Ramírez fighting for the AM top 3. After wat we’ve seen during the previous races we can’t wait for what is coming this weekend, sorrounded by the spanish fans and with real options to get the AM subchampionship.

Picture by Action Media / PSCI

After last two podiums at Jerez, our spanish driver Jorge Ramírez #88 comes to Valencia with jsut 16 points less than the leader Ricardo Cost and just 8 under the second classified José Barros. This means that our chances to get at least the second place at the championship are real, and it will be a tough battle for the last points. But knowing our driver and how he fights every turn, we know he wants to fight for his first AM win, so lot of drama waits this weekend.

As we have done during the previous 4 rounds, we’ll update all the news through our Instagram stories and at the end of the weekend we’ll post the crhronicle of the two races and again there will be a new highlights video on our YouTube channel, so don’t stop following our progress during the weekend.

Here you have the schedule for the weekend. As always stay tuned for our updates, don’t forget to follow us on our social media: Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We’ll upload contents during the weekend and we hope to celebrate with you all our triumphs.

As all the rounds in Spain, we’ll be under the Racing Weekend format, which means plenty o action on different competitions and Live streaming content on the Racing Weekend channel on Spanish or directly at the PSCI channel on Portuguese. So you have enough tools to follow our progress. Stay tuned and enjoy the action.

The Porsche 991.2 of the spanish driver Jorge Ramírez has become a real menace for the AM drivers. The white/orange car caught the attention at the two races thanks to a strong performance.

What a thrilling weekend we had at the 5th round of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica. Being at the podium has become the normality for our driver Jorge Ramírez, and this time he was fighting for the 1st AM position and the top 5 overall. He’s no doubt improved since the first races at Portimao and now his goals are changing.

We came to Jerez convinced of our good level seen at the previous races, and now being at the podium was the new goal for our driver Jorge Ramírez, who on an interview for the Spanish Federation said that at the begining of the championship his target was to be competitive, but no hopes of being at the podium. However he got the Porsche’s driving skills sooner as expected and began climbing to the podium since the second race at Motorland.

The weekend started with some mechanical issues and we couldn’t make times at the first free practice session. After some hard work by our team mechanics the problems were fixed and Jorge could test the car at the second free practice, showing a good performance at the spanish track. Then at the first Qualifying he had to do his best despite the lack of testing at the track and he did a great stint taking P8 overall and P3 of the AMs. He was then ready for the first race.

Race 1 started with 1 position gained by Jorge and the rest of the race he had to manage his P2 mantaining Fernandes #80 at distance behind enough to drive with no risks. That was a great race for the driver and he ended P2, taking one more trophy for his gallery.

Sunday morning was the Qualifying 2, and the RGB driver started on the top with a good first lap. At the end he finished P9 overall and P3 on the AM class, but he was by that time thinking on a big fihgt for the last race, and so he did. Thanks to a great start the Spanish driver was able to climb to the first position of his class and he had a beautiful fight with Jose Barros during some thrilling turns, until the Portuguese driver overtaked Jorge and escaped. Finally Jorge Ramírez was P2 again, but we’re now convinced that he will be soon fighting for the victory.

This has been no doubt a great weekend for the team, managing the mechanical problems and taking our driver twice to the podium. GOOD JOB MEN

The summer is over and you know what it means: back to school, BACK ON TRACK

This weekend our team moves to Jerez for the 5th and penultimate round of the season. Car and driver are ready for another amazing racing weekend on the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica.

Picture by Action Media / PSCI

Almost 2 months have past since our last trip to Estoril, where we went with Jorge Ramírez as our unique driver. If you missed those Portuguese races you can read our chronicle or visit our Youtube Channel to remember how it went for us before this next round in Spain.

Again Jorge Ramírez with his white-black-orange car will be our unique driver, and he’s 4th on the AM class with 128 points. Although it’s complicated to catch the top leader Ricardo Costa, who owns 168 points, Jorge is just 4 points under the second classified, Ian Barrett, and that means that all the options are open and there will be drama and action at Jerez.

As we have done during the previous 4 rounds, we’ll update all the news through our Instagram stories and at the end of the weekend we’ll post the crhronicle of the two races and again there will be a new highlights video on our YouTube channel, so don’t stop following our progress during the weekend.

Here you have the schedule for the weekend. As always stay tuned for our updates, don’t forget to follow us on our social media: Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We’ll upload contents during the weekend and we hope to celebrate with you all our triumphs.

As all the rounds in Spain, we’ll be under the Racing Weekend format, which means plenty o action on different competitions and Live streaming content on the Racing Weekend channel on Spanish or directly at the PSCI channel on Portuguese. So you have enough tools to follow our progress. Stay tuned and enjoy the action.

It seemed that we`d have come back to Spain empty-handed, but all the team’s efforts were rewarded ath the limit when the final classification of Race 2 gave us the third place on AM class. We continue on the top.

The Circuito de Estoril received us for the 4th round of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica. The last two races before summer holidays. It was the second and last event at Portugal before next two rounds on Spain and we went there with just one car, Jorge Ramirez’s Porsche #88. The Spanish driver was as never before an outsider.

Sorrounded by only Portuguese drivers, crews and public, the unique Spanish driver came to Estoril with no knowledge of the circuit. Jorge is a classic driver who improves on the track and learns its corners lap by lap. As he confesed to us, he’s not a “one lap driver”, he likes to be on the action and climb positions on races, and that’s something we can just verify after following him on this championship, his first one official challenge and where he has been fighting for the podium in all the races, despite all kind of incidences.

This time the sessions were divided on two Race Days with Free Practice, Qualifying and Race each day. Saturday was first contact with the track and when he got used to it Jorge began enjoying this famous portuguese circuit. P7 was his AM position for each chrono session, moving between P16 and P12 on overall positions. By those sessions we could have imagined it was hard to be on the top, but not for our outsider who loves race action.

On RACE 1 he started with rythm but an early spinning around caused by yet cold tryres made him lose positions and his race strategy suddenly changed: fight for positions risking track limits. Not bad after all: he got a P4 on the AM class and P11 overall. He lost the podium but he knew he got the pace to get it.

RACE 2 was not bad but there came the mechanical problems. In the middle of a beautiful fight for P1 on the AM class Jorge noticed some gear box damage that made him lost speed. He could continue but lost the chances for the AM victory. At the end of the race he was P7 overall and P4 on his class, but after some race reviews by Race Direction the AM driver Leandro Martins was disqualified by technical infringements. That moved Jorge Ramírez #88 to P6 overall and P3 on the AM class, which means a Podium for our driver! We congratulate Jorge for his efforts and for his fight. He never gives up on track and this is his reward. Finally the outsider got the podium.

This is a great result not just for the driver, but for the whole team. They have worked hard this weekend and this trophy is also for the mechanics and engineers who take care of the driver and bring him to the checkered flag.

Here you have the final results of the weekend. We’ll be back racing soon, this time on our country, for the 5th round of the championship at Jerez on 22nd September. Stay tuned.

We’re leaving home for the Round 4 of the PSCI, and we’ll have just one man on track.

This time we face the fourth round of the season just with one car and driver: Jorge Ramírez will be our unique driver. Chris Hillaby won’t participate in this and we’ll miss him. He’ll be back but in the meantime we have the car #88 ready for a single fight. Now we race at Portugal, Estoril waits us for the next challenge..

Picture by Action Media / PSCI

We have reached the mid season. Now we go back to Portugal after the first round in Portimao. This time a well known circuit: Estoril. Now we are used to be the unique spanish team of the championship, and it will be tough to be sorrounded by the portuguese fans. Chris Hillaby won’t be at Estoril and just that puts more pressure to our spanish driver Jorge Ramírez. But after analyzing his progress in this championship we’re sure that Jorge will be at a great level and we don’t doubt about his strong performance.

For this second half of the championship the driver born in Madrid comes as second of the AM drivers, with 93 points, far from the leader Ricardo Costa who scores132 pts. We are so proud of our driver, how he’s adapted to the car and the level of the races and this is his reward. We’d like him to be again at the podium and why not, it would be fantastic to see him on the top representing our country.

Our team celebrates this weekend our early changes: we have just started at our new building, a headquarter at Tres Cantos, European City of Sport 2023, at the north of Madrid. There we’re developing a new building prepared for the team activities on an excellent enviroment.

Now we’re proud of represent this beautiful and welcoming city and we’ll bring its crest in our car to recognise its charming reception given to our team.

Here you have the schedule for the weekend. As always stay tuned for our updates, don’t forget to follow us on our social media: Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We’ll upload contents during the weekend and we hope to celebrate with you all our triumphs.