The last round of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica season was decisive for the AM class. Positions were open and we fought until the end. We’re proud of Jorge Ramirez third place on the championship on his first competition challenge.

There were a few chances of fighting for the sub championship, dependending on the oponents results and Jorge’s performance on the last two races of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica. Unfortunatly there were some mechanical issues that romeved us of the battle. Anyway it was again a thrilling weekend full of action and at the end we got our goal: third at the AM class on Jorge’s first championship and the first one also for the new PSCI.

During the free practice sessions we saw that Jorge had good rythm and knowing that he reserves his best for the races we began thinking on our real possibilities of being fighting for the AM championship. During the qualifying sessions his rivals were faster and Jorge lost some positions, but it was in part because of the other teams tyres strategies. Analyzing Jorge’s data we saw that he had good race rythm and we were calm before sunday’s races.

Sunday was the RACE DAY with the two last races of the championship. Race 1 started well but we saw Jorge didn’t find rythm to climb positions and he was 4th of the AM class, what for the championship points was really a third position, since another Spanish driver, Pablo Silvero, was’n listed for the championsip and he was just participating for this race. But on the last laps Jorge told his Track Engineer that there was something broken on the gearbox and he lost the fifth gear on the last lap, fighting like the warrior he is to defend his race position. After that hard effort he ended on P7 overall and P4 of the AM class.

Drama came on Race 2 when just at the first lap Jorge had to retire due to his gearbox problems. There wasn’t enough time to fix the issue between the two races and he jumped into the second race hoping that he could end it, but there was no fith gear and the fourth started to fail and the race ended with the car in the box. Not the finish we were thinking on but this is racing and there’s always drama.

Despite these problems a championship is an amount of races where each point counts, and thanks to the team’s work during the season and specially thanks to Jorge’s progression he got his reward by finishing 3rd on the AM Championship, which is a triumph for the team and the driver. This gives us confidence for our next races and challenges and we’re looking forward for the nex track action. When? We’ll see, but for sure we’ll be fighting again next year on the second season of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica.

These were the weekend’s results:

Being the last chronicle of the championship, we’d like to thank all the team, including our driver Chris Hillaby, who couldn’t finish the season but has given us many great moments, including some victories. We’re proud of the team that we have.