We’re leaving home for the Round 4 of the PSCI, and we’ll have just one man on track.

This time we face the fourth round of the season just with one car and driver: Jorge Ramírez will be our unique driver. Chris Hillaby won’t participate in this and we’ll miss him. He’ll be back but in the meantime we have the car #88 ready for a single fight. Now we race at Portugal, Estoril waits us for the next challenge..

Picture by Action Media / PSCI

We have reached the mid season. Now we go back to Portugal after the first round in Portimao. This time a well known circuit: Estoril. Now we are used to be the unique spanish team of the championship, and it will be tough to be sorrounded by the portuguese fans. Chris Hillaby won’t be at Estoril and just that puts more pressure to our spanish driver Jorge Ramírez. But after analyzing his progress in this championship we’re sure that Jorge will be at a great level and we don’t doubt about his strong performance.

For this second half of the championship the driver born in Madrid comes as second of the AM drivers, with 93 points, far from the leader Ricardo Costa who scores132 pts. We are so proud of our driver, how he’s adapted to the car and the level of the races and this is his reward. We’d like him to be again at the podium and why not, it would be fantastic to see him on the top representing our country.

Our team celebrates this weekend our early changes: we have just started at our new building, a headquarter at Tres Cantos, European City of Sport 2023, at the north of Madrid. There we’re developing a new building prepared for the team activities on an excellent enviroment.

Now we’re proud of represent this beautiful and welcoming city and we’ll bring its crest in our car to recognise its charming reception given to our team.

Here you have the schedule for the weekend. As always stay tuned for our updates, don’t forget to follow us on our social media: Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We’ll upload contents during the weekend and we hope to celebrate with you all our triumphs.