We’ve been working to prepare a unique learning experience with our Immersive Training Program in Motorsport. In less than 2 months we start engines.

Our goal is to equip students with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to excel in the thrilling world of Motorsport. In just 1 Month combined with Practical Experience we aim to transform aspiring engineers and mechanics into industry experts who can compete on an international level.

Unmatched Learning Experience: Our program offers a unique learning experience as international engineers and mechanics, seasoned veterans in Motorsport, will be guiding and teaching our students. With their expertise, we aspire to bring out the best in our students, nurturing their potential to the fullest.

Practical Aproach: All lessons will take place at our state-of-the-art facilities, where students will have the opportunity to work daily with Real Race Cars. This hands-on experience sets us apart and ensures that our students are well-prepared for their future careers.

Where the Training takes place? Spain is a good country in Motorsport, easy to test in winter and good reputated in the international teams. Our RGB Building, situated in Madrid at the heart of Spain, is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from the Madrid-Barajas international airport. It offers easy access to more than 200 destinations worldwide, making it a perfect hub for your Motorsport journey. His accolades include being an Official Porsche Engineer in GT3 and GTE.


The training will be conducted in ENGLISH by instructors with international experience in their respective fields. Our curriculum balances Theorical and Practical lessons, fostering a deep understanding of Motorsport dynamics.

Real World Exposure: To enhance your earning, every student will accompany our team to races, gaining invaluable experience as they progress towards becoming exceptional engineers and mechanics.

Our master’s program commences in February 2024 aiming to have our graduates actively working with our team or other prominent teams during the 2024 season.

Affordable Tuition: Our program’s fee per student is €3.950 for the entire Master, including benefits such as real races experiences. We also offer the option of providing accommodation for students in Spain.

THE TEACHERS: With a long experience on the highest level of competition, each lesson becomes a Masterclass:

  • ROBERTO GÓMEZ: F1 Engineer, LMP1 Engineer, Porsche Motorsport Engineer, Vehicle Dynamics and Telemetry
  • JOSÉ SANTOS: Mechanical Engineer, F1 Engineer in McLaren and HRT, LMP1 Engineer, Porsche Motorsport Engineer, Vehicle Dynamics and Telemetry
  • MIKEL FAURI: Mechanical Engineer, F1 Engineer, LMP1 Engineer, Porsche Motorsport Engineer, Electric and Hybrid Systems
  • ALBERTO MAGGIONI: Mechanical Engineer, F1 Engineer, Alfa Romeo / Sauber, LMP1 Engineer Aerodynamics
  • FERNANDO ACOSTA: Mechanical Engineer, F1 Engineer in McLaren, GT Engineer in McLarenSystems and Simulation
  • ROLDÁN RODRÍGUEZ: Driver, Ex-F1 and GP2 driver, F1 Journalist

This training prepares the students to face de Motorsport highest competition and during the intensive month they’ll be able to combine theorical and practical lessons, with a unique opportunity to ACCESS TO JOB POSITIONS in RGB Races and other partner teams.

Let’s start and ACCELERATE YOUR MOTORSPORT CAREER. Contact us for further information: rgb@rgbracingteam.com