© Alexis GOURE

After almost one year out of competitions the spanish driver Rafa Villanueva jumped into a Porsche GT3 CUP for his premier at the Porsche Carrera Cup France. Good impressions on what has been no doubt his baptism in this series.

Driving an Almeras Porsche and with our team`s support hehas been adapting to the car during the wekend after just two previous privatetests. The driver has shown his enthusiasm with his progression and has provedthe high level of this competition. During the practice sessions he has beenevolving and on the Qualifying he reached P12 for the both races of theweekend. This was his evolution in times:

Private Test Thursday > 1:36.064 (+1.313) P10

Free Practice 1 Friday> 1:37.035 (+1.026) P11

Free Practice 2 Friday > 1:36.974 (+1.374) P11

Qualifying 1 saturday > 1:35.556 (+1.329) P12

Qualifying 2 saturday > 1:35.621 (+1.349) P12

Race1 was complicated but let him experience how his rivals don’t let anything on track and he could live the level of this one-make competition,one of the bests inside the Porsche series that are the basement for the Supercup.

© Alexis GOURE


The start was delayed because of the rain menace, and later it was cut into 25 minutes. All the crews made the cars return to the pitlane to decide what was the best wheels strategy for the race. After two more formation laps Race Directiongave green flag and just on the first lap the drops started to fall on the track, changing into a hard rain and a new return to the pitlane.

Rafa Villanueva remained on track while his rivals where one by one going to box for wheels change climbing into third position, but it was clear that driving with those wheels was imposible and finally he went into box for the wet wheels, returning on P14.

After Ghiretti’s out of track the safety car got into the track, still under the rain. Drivers where regrouped and the race was relaunched when 11 minutes remained. Despite the hard conditions and being just on his second race with the Porsche T3 CUP Villanueva could overcome one position and get advantage of the race incidents, finishing with a very satisfying P11 and coming home with very optimistic feelings for the next race, the last event of the season on Paul Ricard circuit next 14-16 october.